We would give our life for Imam Hussain(as) & the Kerbala Martyrs & Muharram commences in a few days

In India extensive Properties belonging essentially to Imam Hussain(as) in the form of Wakfs have been usurped & we have an obligation to protect it

In order to begin to address this major issue a website has been created www.ImamProperty.com

Objective  : Save /reclaim Wakf properties & put them to use for the purpose /community intended.

There are many properties in India which belonged to Wakfs / Imambargahs  & are now usurped or not available for the purposes intended .

This Site is an attempt to Raise Awareness & Collect / Display related Information ,Collaborate & Provide guidance.

Significant amount of data /lists have been complied for certain locations & visitor is invited to go through the details


1) Change Your /others attitude : The general response is ‘Oh that’s a big problem I cant do anything’  Yes You can & over time there wil be results we do OUR bit regularly

 2) Raise Awareness : Inform others of this website ,Use Email & all social media to to this

Print & Distribute these Handbills/Posters /leaflets Eng ,Urdu ,Hindi 

 3) Write letters /emails to government authorities  ( wakf board in your state ?) /Newspapers on all such matters

4) Collect information /evidence on all wakf misuse in your area & send that to Imamwakfs@gmail.com

Seek information through RTI act by writing to wakf boards….  Eg letter written for west bengal brought this response from Wakf board delhi

See http://imamproperty.com/wakflegal/

 5)Raise Funds to file legal cases which can be done transparently by organisations /persons for specific properties in that location

6) READ & see More detail actions here   or contact team at  Imamwakfs@gmail.com